Heathrow forecast April showers for SHOC

SHOC were delighted to receive the first delivery of Heathrow T3 abandoned toiletries. Muse Resourcing, a local recruitment company, has arranged for items handed in by passengers at security check-ins to be donated to SHOC instead of being incinerated.

Project manager Mandy McGuire said: “The toiletries will make a real difference to our clients here at SHOC.”Don’t underestimate the positive impact of a hot shower with shampoo and body wash for a person who has been living rough.”

Georgie Takhar, Director at Muse Resourcing said: “How silly do you feel when you mistakenly pack your favourite shampoo and then have to hand it in at airport security? At least you now know that the people at SHOC will definitely put them to good use.”

Mr Moore, who is facilities manager at Heathrow Airport, said: “Georgie approached us with the idea of donating the abandoned toiletries and Heathrow are delighted to support SHOC in this way.”

Watch on You Tube the BBC story of the Heathrow abandoned toiletries on their journey from T3 to SHOC.