Self worth at an all time high

A 24-year-old man had been coming to SHOC since the age of 15 as his mother is a service user. He is now a father and living between his mother and his partner. He had been continually encouraged to use the learning centre but had showed little interest in doing so.

He began weekly meetings with a mentor in the learning centre, which meant he began to feel comfortable in the surroundings.

He was then given a probation order and as part of this he began to attend the learning centre. He completed the CV; letter writing and job search training and improved his computer skills. He began to enjoy the experience and was coming of his own free will and not as part of his probation order.

Despite never having worked in his adult life he was able to secure a part time cleaning job in local offices. He has now been at this job for a number of weeks and is a new person. He feels good about himself and his self worth is at an all time high. He has attended his job every day and his time keeping has been perfect. He is also enjoying having extra money in his pocket.