Slough and the surrounding area is a region badly affected by homelessness and social exclusion. It is an urban area of extremes and great diversity. While the town itself is home to a large number of successful international companies, around 15% of Slough’s residents live in communities that are among the 20% most deprived income areas in the country

Our Mission

SHOC (Slough Homeless Our Concern) is a day centre that exists to provide care for the homeless in Slough and those at risk of becoming so. It is the only centre within a 20-mile radius that offers the homeless both crisis care and long term transformational help towards independence.

Our History

We began work in 1997 and have helped over a thousand people since we began. Our focused and dedicated work has been recognized by awards of Slough Mayor’s Charity of the Year 2011 and a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2012.

Our Values

Respect – We aim to treat each client as an individual worthy of respect and to provide, within a safe, friendly environment, a comprehensive, customized package of services to tackle their specific issues.

Relational – Healthy relationships are crucial to healing shattered lives. We offer sensitive care, respect, and support often when clients have no-one else to turn to. We operate in a non-judgmental, confidential, friendly environment and our team has a proven record in changing lives.

No Discrimination – Our services are open to all who have a desire to change their situation

Transformational – We advocate that transformation is achieved by breaking dependency on addictions and welfare and developing an ability to form healthy relationships. Clients who come to the centre for help are given immediate crisis care and the knowledge and tools to re-integrate into society and become valued members of the Slough community.